Friday, February 25, 2011

kaaka suttadhu paati suttadha, paati suttadhu edha?

hello all, long time no see. things havent been the same since college got over. Job, targets, coffee, travelling, house-keeping and numerous other things which were never a part of my four years college life have kept me busy.
Right now I'm in the national capital of India. Its my last night here. Looking back, i'm getting reminded of einstein's quote "the only constant thing in the world is change".
Lotsa things have changed since my last post, for the better or worse Iam not sure of yet.
i have been travelling considerably adding four to five new states in my 'places visited' list. I have come to know more about India in the past five months than from years of geography&history in school. Let me share one interesting trivia regarding the same:
Along with me, four other fresh engineers were posted in delhi for training. The five of us are from five different states and speak five different languages. Myself from chennai speaking tamil, a kannad guy from bangalore, a telgu girl from hyderabad, a punjabi girl from ludhiana and a bengali guy from kolkata!
And the common language for communication is Hindi. All these days i hadnt grasped the depth of the sentence 'unity in diversity' up to until now.

Once the five of us wandered into a conversation about our kindergarden stories. Looks lik every state has its own syllabus even for lkg! Except for one story there was nothing in common among the five states.
And thats the story of "crow and the old lady". in the story, an old lady is cooking and selling some eatable under a tree. A crow from the tree steals a piece of the eatable when the old lady is distracted. As the story goes, the crow loses the food to a fox.
Notable thing is that, though the story is common in five states, what the old lady cooks is different in different states. In tamil nadu she makes hot vadas, in karnataka its bajji, in andhra its muruku, whereas its paneer in punjab and fried fish in bengal!

What a Nation!

Proud to have born in this land of diversities bonded by democracy.
Now this is miracle on daily basis!

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