Sunday, March 11, 2012

yosichifications of India!

Its been a while. today i'd like to take you along a recent train of thoughts i had. It ivolves industrial revolution, KFC and evolution.yes, Industrial revolution. thats where it all began. Mass marketed mass produced mass capitalism leading to mass consumerism leading to mass extinction of local ecosystems! Life took a giant leap from normality cos of it. globalization is a direct consequence of the outlook industrial revolution gave us. All is well, but there are certain things we fail to take into account. things, which do not have immediate effect but on a long run prove detrimental to the very survival of our race. Like the chicken on my plate right now. it was reared in some mass production poultry farm miles away which i have no connection to, and probably it grew to be obese with all the grain surplus and space deficit, later killed, processed, probably frozen, transported and now its on my plate along with various other ingredients with their fair share of the story of how far they have come to be on my plate. But i do not feel connected to the chicken on my meal plate. I have not seen this particular chicken before in my life, when it was alive or atleast when i was being cooked. The essential "chicken"ness is totally absent! it feels so unchickenly and artificial. whats worse, people get used to this artificiality.

why all the fuss you may ask. Let us go back by about three decades and consider the same meal. the chicken i eat will the be the same chicken which grew in my back yard, consuming the left overs of the house, thouse providing the crucial link for a complete nutrient cycle: whatever we leave out in our food, the chicken eats it and it inturn comes back to us when we eat the chicken. our whole life was in sync with all the natural cycles we are interwined with. But now globalization has screwed us big time. we consume food which is in no way part of our local eco-cycle. the sewage system also does not help in closing the cycle. the open-ended mass consumerism bull shit with no care for life-cycle management of products, use and throw mentality, out of sight out of mind attitude, its all in a big way fucking up our lives in ways we cannot fathom yet. we are no longer part of small happy local eco-cycles. we are  now a small part of a larger artificial globalization wheel, a wheel so large enough that no one knows for sure if the wheel comes a full circle, which i'm sure its not with all this open ended supply chains and utter disregard to recycling

the only solace is that evolution will take over and we will adapt to the change circumstances of our living environment. But experience has taught us there is a critical point for everything beyond irreversibility kicks in and everything just collapses into the never-ending logic of increase in entropy. nature's way of getting back at us! We cannot stop this global wheel and get back to our smaller wheels. But what we can do is, be conscious of the drastic change we are subjecting ourselves to and extend our control on things we can control, like recycling for example. on a larger level we can device economic and social models to incorporate both global supply chain as well as local self-sufficient economy/ecology. but what i think we should do first is to wake up from the hypnotic mind crapping consumerism bondage and start consuming just enough for our survival and not for increasing the bank balance of the capitalists. we buy things, we eat things, which we do not actually need. we buy them to fill a void which we feel inside of us, a void which has been effectively capitlazed upon by mass marketing. But this void cannot be filled by the chicken you eat or the ipod you buy, it requires a much simpler, subjective product which won't cost you any money. i'll deal with it ilater. as of now, if we follow simple things like recycling, being conscious of closing our open energy/food/nutrient/supply cycles most of our nutrient disorders will disappear and we will long healthy lives without the need for medical help. Nature is the best medicine

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