Tuesday, May 19, 2009

First thing i want to say is "use dark colours" for blog themes so that we can conserve precious power. Speaking of power, power is one of the most sought after things in the world. What is power? We humans (with a big 150 pound brain capable of complicating simple things)mess things up and then try to simplify it. But the resulting solution is not simpler than it was initially. Thus we entwine ourselves in this deep Sh!t; this entangled complex bundle of strings which was once solvable but due to ignorance and negligance; has piled up to become too complex that even the sharpest minds together are finding it hard to arrive at even a short term remedy. Name it: Global warming, currency, economic inequality, religious disputes.....
coming back to my question, what is power? Is it gaining the upper hand in this man made entwinement? Is it being in a postion to control a person /s, state, country?
What binds other elements to our power? The manmade laws, ethics or the more primitive "fear"?
Whatever we think are binding us to power, they are all just illusions. What binds a soldier to his superiors? why should he obey their commands?
There is nothing blocking him to act on his own free will!!
Real power is something unavoidable, uncheatable, supreme. The only real power in this world is the control which our mother nature has on us. That is real power. In whatever way we try to conquer nature, we fail. It reminds us of the supremecy of nature's power. There are more Bermuda triangles than there are area 51's. There are more natural disasters than there are wars. Overall, nature is holding the sceptor. And we should realize this, so that we can live in balance. Balance is essential for survival, for sustainability, for happiness.

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