Tuesday, December 15, 2009

void by failure chapter1

Seeds of Dream

"it was fun". this is how dad's bed time stories would start. what followed was vivid nostalgic description of how a life form which cannot talk, cannot express emotion, cannot laugh at your jokes made dad's childhood life happy.

"is dad making up these stories?" jack had thought many a times

the answer came when dad's sis i.e jack's aunt told him about his dad's childhood companions conforming to dad's version.

The seeds of dream have been sown.

jack's dad grew up in a farm. so there was constant presence of animals in his stories. like for once, he had a mongoose as a pet. he used to tell jack how the little animal thought that he was its parent and how it would cuddle up beside him while sleeping etc... etc...
this is where it all began. the never ending quest in search of a pet like in his dad's stories. a companion. a life form with unconditional love.
this quest lasted longer than normal because
1. his mom hated pets
2. they had to move due to dad's occupation which made it difficult to have a pet

Will jack's quest be successful?
what adventures await him on the way?

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