Tuesday, December 15, 2009

void by failure chapter3

The Eagle

Four years have passed since the flying squirrel incident and jack was already in his third school with no success in his pet raising ventures. This time he was living in a dense forest in the foothills of western ghats-Mudhumalai. He had many friends now. They used to roam around together in the forest in the vicinity of their neighborhood playing (cop-thief) திருடன் போலீஸ் .

On one such occasion jack and his friends heard loud noises of monkeys in the nearby bamboo bush. When they got there they saw an injured eagle fighting to get away from the monkeys. They rescued the eagle. There was a deep wound under the eagle's wing. So the poor bird couldnt fly properly.

The kids decided not to tell the elders because they feared that the elders might take the eagle away somewhere. one of jack's friends had a small hen-house. The eagle was sheltered there. Meanwhile the evil monkeys were planning to catch the eagle again.

That evening when everyone had left, the monkeys came near the house and examined the spot where the kids had gathered to examine what was wrong with the eagle. The monkeys tried to sniff a trail in vein. Defeated, they left. Jack was happy seeing this not realizing that the monkeys will soon get what they wanted!

For the next couple of days, the kids tried to feed the eagle. They tried carrots, vegetables and then realizing that Mr.eagle may be a pure meat eater they tried to bring whatever natural food they can get their hands on-earthworms, beetles, grasshoppers etc...But Mr.eagle never opened his mouth...uhm beaks.

Sunday is usually when Indian families cook non-veg food. The kids decided to wait till Sunday which was two days after. Meanwhile they tried to teach Mr.Eagle to relearn his flying skills. The wound was healing quickly because of the medical attention by the kids. But even then flying was difficult for Mr.Eagle.

It was Sunday. Jack eagerly opened the hen-house with a piece of raw chicken in his hand. He was not invited by a 4day-domesticated bird of prey, but by a corpse!
Yes! the eagle had given up its struggle for life. It had passed away peacefully sometime in the middle of the night. Jack and his friends were mourning the entire day. They burried the eagle in their backyard.

That evening the monkeys sniffed their way to the grave and dug out the eagle. They then fought with each other on who should first peel off the bird's feathers. As Jack watched, the monkeys moved out of sight with his 5day-pet in their hands!

Will jack ever get to have a proper pet?

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